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serial to i2c converter
serial to i2c converter

serial to i2c converter - I m looking for I2C A/D converter in DIP package with 65kSPS minimun sampling speed. I can t find anything. Is there anyone.. Nano River Technologies second generation I2C/SPI/GPIO adapter. SPI/I2C master and slave with line rates up to 12MBit/sec. 32 GPIOs configurable as digital I/O -PIC24HJ32GP204 � Microcontroller for translating the UART to I2C and vise-versa -MAX208 � RS232 . analogue to digital converter. The master transmits the 

serial to i2c converter

serial to i2c converter. FTDI is not available at my place.I have a normal USB to Serial converter.Can I further convert it to I2C or is there any other solution to it (without  Arduino library for TI ADS7828 I2C A/D converter. Main Page Related Pages Classes Examples Arduino library for TI ADS7828 I2C A/D converter. New SainSmart IIC/I2C/TWI 1602 Serial LCD Module Display For Arduino UNO MEGA R3. SainSmart I2C Adapter for Arduino 1602/1604/2002/2004. 7.38. 250 µA max conversion current. • 5 nA typical standby current, 1 µA max. • I2C™ compatible serial interface. - 100 kHz I2C Standard Mode. - 400 kHz I2C Fast  Just plug iPort into your Windows-based PC s serial port, run our I2C Message Manager or Message Center for Windows applications, and you ll be sending and  USB to SPI/I2C/UART/TTL/ISP YSUMA01-341A Serial Parallel Adapter Free shipping 5pcs/lot New USB to I2C IIC SPI UART TTL Converter Module STC ISP  Wireless Serial Servers Wireless Sensors and Cameras Wireless Vehicle Bus Adapter Remote Display Connectivity BL2100 I2C or I2C to RS232 adapter. 0 … 15.1 Rs-Pi 4 USB hub multi-function I2C AD/DA RTC RS232 board . The ADC Pi V2.1 is an 8 channel 17 bit analogue to digital converter 


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